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Thread: Classic bikes and potential E..y scams

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    Classic bikes and potential E..y scams

    Is this a new phenomenon or have scammers been on Ebay for ever.

    I was looking at an LC350 earlier today, 5 bids on it , whilst looking at the item description it had a buy it now of £3300!

    When checking the other items for sale Norton Commando BIN £3300

    Suzuki kettle BIN £3300.

    The seller "loupeoleve" had 1400 seller rating.

    Of course when looked again this afternoon all three ads have been pulled!

    All three bikes had bids on them, I know the adage a fool and his money etc but who believes they will get a mint commando for £3300?

    Be careful out there!

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    I sold a Commando in Feb last year, my advert has been used twice since then by Scammers, got pulled fairly quickly after I reported it. If it's too cheap then there is a reason and the scammer selling often has 50 or sixty ads running including camper vans, classic bikes and farm equipment. I assume that are hoping to reel you in and get you to put a hefty deposit down.

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    As long as you do a bit of delving the scams are usually quite easy to spot. If in doubt, ask for a photo of a Particular part of the bike. That will at least prove if they have access to the bike.

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