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Thread: Panniers & Top box advice

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    Panniers & Top box advice

    Having had GS's for 14 years circumstances forced a 3 year GS gap (with an old 1999 Varadero). But today I went to Cotswold Motorrad and bought a new shiny Triple Black GSA to collect next Saturday.

    I now have to get a set of panniers, a top box (with backrest) and a Navigator 5 or 6 (will be selling a 660).

    Can fellow GS'ers please offer advice on the panniers & top box - are the B*W ones OK, and where's the best/cheapest place to get them?

    Thanks in advance
    Bob Jeffries
    Retired, at last, time to see the World!

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    If you're thinking of BMW ones, I'd have thought negotiations with Cotswold to have a set supplied with the bike would be a good place to start. Cost price ought to be achievable, maybe better if they've made a few quid on the bike. See Bahnstormer's website for below full list pricematch potential.

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    In Germany most adventure seem to have the Vario panniers and top box

    As for the aluminium ones... BMW std panniers then whatever you do don't get the rubbish joke top box BM laughingly try to rob you money for
    Givi outback trekker 58 ltr looks very similar to BMW stuff but its a big two helmet design £400 with a metal quick release bracket

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    What do you want the luggage for ?

    Solo touring for a couple of weeks , two up touring for long weekends or two up touring for a couple of weeks .

    For anything other than commuting or solo use forget about the ridiculously small aluminium BMW top box .

    Standard BMW badged Touratech panniers are fine for two up and solo touring (and you already have the correct rails )but I would combine them with either the Givi Trekker Outback 42l or 58l topbox or the Givi Trekker 52l or 46l

    The Outback 58l and the standard trekker 52l will take two full face lids the others will not.

    I have the larger box for touring and keep a smaller Givi 36l plastic top box on the bike for knocking about locally .

    Other option is the kappa luggage (same as Givi but normally cheaper)

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    You can pick up a standard BMW vario top box, rack and plate all for less than £200 on this site. The box worked fine for me for 7 years. Locks with same key to the bike and was watertight for me. Expands to take a full helmet. If we were ever 2 up, I used the bike helmet lock for second one. Carried plenty. Did 60k with it and not an issue. Didn't go funny colours either..

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