I have been a member of this forum through owning X 4 GS 1200 and an XR 1000 I like the format and style of the banter we have all levelled at each other over time.

And now I have sold my GSA which I don't think will be my last by the way as it is an awesome bit of kit.
I have a new S 1000 R due in a couple of weeks and realised there was only the XR section to cover the S series, so it was either join another dedicated forum or ask for the the other two S models to be added.
I know there are others on this site that in fact own them + their GS,s so it seemed logical for the add.

So thank you admin, I am pleased to now be able to remain in the fold and still keep an eye in the GS section all on one site.

Cheers all Terry