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Thread: Ixon motorcycle gear

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    Ixon motorcycle gear

    Has anyone got experience with the Ixon brand.....good.....not good??

    They have some nice looking well specced and priced gloves in there range.

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    Hi, poss a bit late but a few of us have the thin waterproof over jackets & trousers, they fold up really small so they're always with us, we've toured German Autobahns at high speeds & surprisingly they've lasted really well, we expected a few months but 3 years later they look like new.

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    I have an Ixon Air Flow Process jacket which can be a fully lined waterproof jacket or remove waterproof lining and inner lining for summer use by also removing two forward zipped panels and a rear panel leaving a mesh fully ventilated jacket.
    It has full armour and is a well made product.


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    One of my everyday wear bike jackets was an Ixon - I have just given it away to the guy who bought the 1150. I had it about 10 or 12 years ago, possibly longer. It has done at least 200,000 miles in all weathers and is still fully waterproof, despite being a bit 'tired' to look at. The collar has finally worn through inb one small spot - but the quilted lining that zips out for the summer is still perfect and it is very warm. One of the best jackets I have ever had. Even the pockets are totally waterprooffrom rain, not if you submerge them by falling off in a fording situation!

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    I have an Ixon Luxurious jacket. Very warm very waterproof excellent in many ways. Sadly I did not get matching trousers.
    I recently bought some low spec Ixon troose but they are cold even in summer and waterproofing is questionable.
    Looks like their top stuff is good but take care on the lower spec stuff.
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    I had a fairly heavy four season Ixon jacket but the seams came apart on the sides and the sleeves

    Won’t buy their stuff again

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