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Thread: Sportster 48 v Dyna Low rider

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doris View Post
    I think you are "over thinking" this...just buy the bloody bike you like and can afford.............
    Too simplistic these days, there has to be angst involved, we are psychologically fucked due to our environment.....Well some of us are, I could not care a fuck, seems to work well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samsgs View Post
    I am struggling with this decision. I can't work out why a 1200R (with the same mileage as my 883r 14k) is about £5500-6000. It well over £1500 what my bike is worth for just an engine upgrade and some gearing changes.

    By the time I get the suspension updated say £1000, then the different between that and a newer bike is 'only' around £1500-£2000. Is that right?

    I am also not sure that the roadsters are doing as well as the 48s I would love to see the split in numbers sold.
    But you will also need to upgrade the crappy suspension on the new bike you buy. Harley are only surpassed by BMW for the poor quality standard shocks they fit. Anyway you'll look a knob on a 48 - everybody does

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    For the kind of money you are talking about to buy a 48 you can get a very nice second hand Dyna.

    There are loads out there that have had much love, polishing, dealer servicing and stupid extras bolted on for good money (especially now they've been dropped by the MoCo). Second hand HDs are pretty simple to run and most are built to do far more mileage than they actually get in Europe. Buy through a dealer if you want the peace of mind, then find a good indie to look after it for you. Customising it doesn't have to cost a huge amount if you go aftermarket either. If you are worried keep the original parts for when you want to sell it.

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    Why not consider this.
    Think Softail instead of Sportster/Dyna.

    Apart from the stock studded bags , it's a very nice bike. Must be worth some mild consideration. You never know it may
    grow on you.

    For me I'de go for this one every time. But that's me. Happy hunting.
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    thanks Brut, havent subscribed this year, so will have to just not know about it. But I think you are right at this money I should consider the bigger bikes.

    TBH the 883 is proving so much fun, I am not sure why I should change especially if the sportster range gets a whole new look in the 2019 model year.

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