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Thread: Sena 30 or Cardo Pactalk?

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    Sena 30 or Cardo Pactalk?

    In need of new comms and whilst I might need the ability to talk to 10 plus riders in the new 'mesh' systems that are available, some of it is about trying to future proof (as much is currently possible) against what is about to come out. As I currently understand it, meshing will only work on like systems, so Cardo won't mesh with Sena and as the people I ride with have a number of different systems I doubt meshing will ever fully work. But I'd hate to be the one that bucks the trend of the one system that does actually work!!!

    So, do I go for the Cardo Pactalk system that is out (and has been for a little while) and is working, but 'only' on Bluetooth 4
    Or wait for the Sena 30 that was due out in the spring (still not actually released) but will run Bluetooth 4.1 which at some point I guest every system will work towards?

    I'm aware Interphone Tour, does about 90% of the above and it is a consideration, but as I said, I'm trying to future proof myself (or read another way, predict the future!)


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    Had my Packtalk 11 months before it developed a fault so got a refund . G9X before it did similar . Wouldn’t use their products again
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    The LC is probably one of the highest quality and longest lasting bikes currently on sale today.

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    I have two packtalks and even put them on a pair of mountain bike helmets for a Swiss alps mountain bike trip to hear the future Mrs Wobble scream in terror as we downhill!
    Like them and have had no issues, that being said nothing is future proof.

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    Had my Packtalk for nearly two years, no issues at all, they work well. When Sena first brought out the 20s they were rubbish, loads had to be sent back, they rushed them to market, so Sena has form for that. The 20s is ok now though. I had G9 before the Packtalk one packed up after 5 years so I sold the other one, so guess they won't last forever.

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