After numerous months of messing around with different systems I've decided to finally move away from the Autocom set up and revert to the AGV Share that I bought with my K3 but never really got on with.

When I last had it in the helmet I was able to hear GPS voice prompts and music all over Bluetooth using my trusty Zumo 550. I've now shifted to a BMW Nav IV and after pairing I can hear the navigation voice prompts but when I select media player it tells me that I need to collect to an A2DP headset to listen to music but the AGV Share is declared to be A2DP compliant.

Any clues as to how I go forward ? I'd really rather not buy yet another comms suite having boxes of them already .. I've tried factory resets of both. I am hoping that someone on here might have a bright idea .. I shall be emailing AGV support but I'm not hopeful.