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Thread: Off road newbie - is a 600cc too big?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beancounter View Post
    ...... Too big in what way? .....
    My take on it is this ...

    If you're likely to get into off roading (and I accept that until you give it a go, you won't really know..) then by starting on a big bike (which by off roading standards a 600 is) then you're most likely going to crash bang wallop your way through the trails and you're not actually going to learn any finesse, any style, handling skills, that beautiful touch ...

    So everybody is writing 'yes you'll get by the bike will be fine' and yes they're right, you will get by. But that's it! You'll just 'get by'!!

    I say, have a go on it, do you enjoy it? Can you see yourself having fun a couple of Sundays a month getting dirty ... ? And if the answer is 'yes, I really enjoy it and want to get stuck in to it..' (and I can't recommend it enough .. it's great for your all round riding skills and a hoot as well .. ), flog it and get yourself something under 400cc and learn your craft.

    Learning on a small bike will teach you all about that touch, flicking the bike off a berm, how you use your body weight to steer in ruts, how to float the front over some tree roots and so on and so on. There is just a whole world of beautiful skills and touches out there to develop, that you will do on a smaller bike which you can then transfer to something bigger, but that you'll just never learn if you start too big.

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    Send me a PM, I will take you out in Kent. Ride a 650 X Challenge all year round !

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