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Thread: New Bluetooth unit required

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    New Bluetooth unit required

    I'm looking to purchase a new helmet shortly,

    Unlike my current lid (Viper RSV151) it wont come with bluetooth coms built in

    There appears to be many units on the market, some cheap and some stupidly


    Sena seems to be the big name, and ( the biggest price too)

    Any ideas what is good.

    Im going Flip front again.

    I dont need a pair of units or the ability to link with every rider on the TT course

    when i,m out

    Media streaming (mp3) and phone is all i want.

    Any reccomendations or dont buy's


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    I've got the E1 with a 10U, works really well for me, not the cheapest set up but, buy wrong, buy twice.

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    Aldi £30 jobby for me!

    I Stream music from my phone over it & use it with my GPS fine.... I've also taken phone calls on it OK & we've all understood each other....


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    Check out the Cardo Scala Freecom. It's pretty new so has the latest multi source Bluetooth compatibility. The basic Freecom 1 will do all you ask: the phone is crystal clear (the other party has no idea your on a bike), mp3 sounds very good, it's inbuilt fm (and rds) radio is very good too, the battery lasts for ages, any micro USB charger works, and (unlike the 'water resistant' Sena models) it's properly waterproof. I have the Freecom 2 and can confirm flawless operation for all your requirements. To give you the 'warts and all' rundown, what I haven't achieved yet with mine is sharing BMW Navigator V instructions with my pillion, so our intercom is interrupted til the Nav has finished spouting off. It's a niggle, but not one that should trouble you.

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    I've been using an interphone FMC-5 (I think that's the model - now superceded by their 'Tour' family).

    I think it's great. Had it for 4-5yrs now and its worked without a fault. The new Tour version has a much better battery life and the actual 'Tour' version charges top 80% in 20 min if you believe the blurb.

    I have it connected to the sat nav when using it, or connected to my phone where I tend to use it for music and taking the odd call - just means you don't have to take the helmet off, very handy.

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