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Thread: Accident / Breakdown recovery from Morocco ?

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    I have read their documentation, and:

    they say that only certain parts delivery service etc. is only available to German residents. The breakdown service is for anyone resident near enough anywhere in Europe.
    However, I missed Scotboxer's post and only saw it when echoed by Lord Snooty.

    I have to say: They are probably correct!

    Since I have not yet handed over Shekels, I might consider this option!

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    Got more ADAC info by post, and coverage is for Europe + countries bordering Med.

    The main info is all in German, and I am looking for a way to translate by OCR....

    I decided to go ahead with the €88 for the year, to have peace of mind for vehicle recovery. Hopefully, will not arise.

    Link to letters and Membership Plus outline in English:
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