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Thread: BMW Boulder jacket & Summer trousers review

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    Cool BMW Boulder jacket & Summer trousers review

    Earlier this year I bought this pair as my HG kit was not doing the job keeping me cool with the vents in summer or what represents the summer over here. We have been to France, the Alps etc for 2 weeks so I reckon I can give a bit of feedback.

    The Jacket didn't score very well in last months Ride magazine but mine came with a back protector, standard is elbow and shoulder protection. Wearing the 2 items gives a stylish look that will fit with any type of bike you ride and you can wear it comfortably off the bike as well. The trousers bottom legs zip off to convert into a knee length shorts for the warmer days on your hols.

    Neither item is waterproof although the jacket has a drop in liner but that was taken out and left in the closet. Instead I purchased the BMW 2 piece waterproofs. Keeps you dry but also keeps any moisture inside. Cooler temps require you to dress in a base layer or windproof liner over but under the jacket. The collar is short so a neck tube comes in handy. Otherwise I wear the waterproof jacket that does a good job of keeping the wind out of your cuffs and neck. Speaking of which the collar is lined with a comfortable strip that doesn't irritate the skin or like me the stubble. The cuffs has Velcro adjustment and I leave these on their biggest adjustment for the warmer temps. I do think that this will wear out quickly as all Velcro does. The front is closed by a zip without any fold over flap and there is waist adjustment via poppers.There are 2 zipped outer pockets and a waterproof inner pocket and also a handy storage pocket inside on the right. On the chest both sides of the zip is another 2 zipped compartments. These have some reflective triangles that you should take out for night time riding etc and stays in place by poppers on the corner. I did notice a stitch that came undone and will give it some attention after the wash.

    A really comfy jacket that I could wear in temperate climate and some hot weather without feeling that I need to have vents on the jacket. I like it and sort off made redundant all the other kit I have.

    The summer shorts is in a sandy colour because it looks better with the light olive colour of the jacket. Also comes in black. Protection are BMWs own branded items in knee and hip areas. Real easy to get out too which is a bit of a mission on other kit I have. As I said the trouser bottoms zip off. The trouser is Velcro adjustable on the leg bottoms. I never really bothered with this as it fits over the Gaerne Oiled boots I use. Zipped fly and hook and loop type arrangement for the waist together with an infinitely adjustable belt with plastic buckle secures the trousers. A couple of notes on this. It is not the most secure way of doing the pants up especially for motorcycle clothing and by rubbing against a protruding object (make of that what you want ) from right to left against the buckle would open it. The hand pockets are zipped and deep enough and is very usable just like your chinos. There are 2 cargo pockets above the zip off bit that I found really useful. Kept my phone and wallet in it for easy access. Better than keeping it in the jacket sans having an off. The only time I endured the waterproof trousers I must say it was real easy to put on and take off. The bike is a LC GSA so it gives good weather protection for the legs. Yesterday on the return I didn't bother with the waterproof trousers. Got a bit wet but it dries quickly on the bike. However, the trousers being a sandy colour picks up dirt. Not as bad as a high vis jacket. Over the 2 weeks we were away it got a nice worn look. I have washed it this morning but noticed that some of the dirt is ingrained in the material.

    Overall I'm happy with the kit. Not the most protective but comfortable to wear when out and about and you don't look like a rider on a mission to somewhere. My main complaint with the HG kit was the lack of good vents in summer and could get really hot even if you just wore the trousers. The Goretex on the HG kit is intact and it is a very good suit for the money I spent on it. But the BMW kit is more of an everyday type of clothing in the warmer temps and that is why I like it so much. A few things I can add is that I get warm easily and thus break out in a sweat. Much better in this clothing combination. I wear a Camelback Classic 2l hydration pack which on the HG kit prevents the air from circulating properly. Not so with the BMW Boulder jacket. For the awkwardness of having to carry spare waterproofs I don't mind that. A lot of travelling riders recommend to have waterproof overs and I can see why. In really hot conditions any kit you wear even if it is a mesh kit is going to feel like a sauna with a helmet on your head but once moving the Boulder jacket and Summer trousers would suffice.

    Would I recommend this clothing. Yes, for the occasional rider it is a good combo and good for touring in areas less prone to more frequent downpours. For the more serious folk that commute in all weathers it is best to look elsewhere.

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    I used a S/H (bought off here) BMW Airshell jacket on hols to the south of France, without the thermal/goretex inner. That, together with HG Goretex XCR pants, and a Revit waterproof over-jacket coped with all the weather.

    Used the same Airshell jacket (with liner) on a recent wet trip down to Leicestershire - and found it almost as good as an all-weather waterproof jacket.

    On this year's French Alps trip - We couldn't help but notice the touring couples - dressed in what would have to be - "all year gear". Prob with the liners out, but still - they must have been cooking in them (especially the pillions).
    Made us wonder why people didn't use air-jackets? First experience of those temperatures? Finite budget for motorcycling?

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    I use a Boulder jacket and either Summer or City trousers a lot - not a bad set up other than the Velcro cuff closing of the jacket is poor quality and does not last - I resorted to fitting press studs (the original Boulder jacket had press studs). Velcro is cheap but it's longevity is poor.

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