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Thread: Rider modes on 2017 GSA

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    Rider modes on 2017 GSA

    I didn't see a better location, this is still a review, but on BMW's own software (of which some modes are cost options)

    Traction control intervention / anti wheel should be renamed anti acceleration. I’ve been riding bikes for forty years and don’t like electronic nannies ruining bikes. Reading the owner’s manual I found very little useful information pertaining to exactly what affects BMW were trying to achieve with all the modes and settings.

    On anti-wheelie it says its active in all modes, yet doesn’t state if the level of intervention changes dependent upon rider mode selected (which both the manual should clearly state for knowledge / safety reasons, and the mode selected should change behaviour for safety / enthusiasts), furthermore it doesn’t appear to have a mode to disable at all. For off road riding I find it odd / dangerous that a rider can’t rely on the bike safely following his instructions (enduro and enduro pro modes).

    On testing the rider modes electronic intervention is far too intrusive. With the engine fully warmed up, tyres warm, 16C ambient temp, dry grippy tarmac, 120kg rider (with gear on), bike in first gear rolling somewhere around 15mph and 3000rpm

    Rain - not tested, no intention of ever using
    Road - roll on to full throttle, hideous intervention and flashing instrument lights for no reason at all from 4k - never want to use this setting again
    Dynamic - roll on to full throttle, hideous intervention and flashing instrument lights for no reason at all from 4k – appears as unpleasant and intrusive as Road
    Enduro - roll on to full throttle, intervention and flashing instrument lights for no reason
    Endure Pro - roll on to full throttle, this started to allow proper acceleration without any silly intervention. Around I guess 5k the front started to lift maybe 1 foot off the ground so I gently rolled back from 100% to 80% throttle and rate of climb drops drastically and its beginning to run out of power and torque so I wind the power back on hard to keep acceleration in the right place and the bike continues its very controllable rate of acceleration and climb (just as any bike does) and on the electronics side it’s all good, no intervention, at present it’s just doing exactly as the rider is asking. Reasonably hard acceleration continuing comfortably with around 10m forward motion for each 30mm upward. At this rate, it will just accelerate cleaning and safely. Quite clearly the bike will have run out of power and torque well before any further consideration to roll off the throttle is required. But then with around 600mm of height the electronics intervene heavily. This is unacceptable. Very clearly the bike is a lot more than 1m of further upward movement away from needing to worry about greater riding skill or electronic assistance. The way these electronics are set up introduces an unacceptable and unnecessary performance restriction more akin to a 125cc bike, if I want a bike this slow I wouldn’t buy a 1200.

    ABS pro it should be noted also varies between rider modes
    In the manual its states Road gives max cornering ABS at the expense of braking power. In Dynamic it loses some cornering ABS ability, for enhanced braking power

    To make matters worse the two off road modes cut out the cruise control.

    If I buy and M series car, I get the choice of how I set it up. I want the same on my bike

    Expert rider mode should be available with:
    Anti-wheelie - removed from software all together
    Traction control - enduro mode level of slip for road use (and completely off in enduro pro)
    Cruise control - active in all circumstances
    ABS Pro – should be linked to a rain sensor (just like wipers on cars have for the last 10 years - cost about 20p). So if Rain detected full ABS Pro, Dry and ambient temp (sensor already on the bike) above 20C braking as per Dynamic, Dry and ambient temp below 15C ABS as Per Road, below 7C as per Rain

    The gist of this post is to ask how do I get this point over to BMW Motorrad so later software editions make the bike safer and fit for purpose. Or who is already in the software doing what BWM should have done in 2015 ?

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    I believe if your press and hold your abs button the yellow abs warning triangle will come on and rider aids are disabled.

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    thanks will give it a try.

    But I don't hold out much hope for anti-wheelie as manual specifically says its on in all modes.
    And I don't really want them all off. ABS quite happy it stays on and works (On BMW's it very seldom cuts in, mostly because I'm testing / exercising the components) ASR I want very limited interruption (like you get in enduro mode) and most importantly I want cruise available at any time, any condition and any rider mode.

    I've been thinking all that's missing is one extra sensor and they could get it all right most of the time and make a major contribution to road safety...

    Further safety improvements add in three temperature figures to the calculations:

    ABS Pro and ASR – should be linked to a rain sensor (just like wipers on cars have for the last 10 years - cost about 20p) and data from the ambient temp sensor and the tyre temperature data (part of RDC) already on the bike.

    So if Rain detected full ABS Pro and suitable ASR etc. In the dry in Road above x C temp on the tyres and ambient sensor, braking as per Dynamic, Dry and ambient temp below 15C ABS as Per Road, below 7C as per Rain etc.

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    It's down to personal preference,

    I can't see the need for cruise control in Enduro Mode.

    I prefer non ABS in the wet as I have more control over locking the wheels than ABS has.

    I can switch off ABS and ASC in any mode, anytime I want, so it's not a problem.

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    I want to set the bike up once and ride it just like a normal bike. I do not ever wish to play with rider modes or suspension settings.

    I should not need to play space invaders just to allow me to operate the bike normally.

    1) very little / no intrusion from traction control in road or dynamic, its already fitted to right throttle grip. Certainly above 20C on rear tyre, 15C ambient, bike upright or less than 25 degrees off centre - never ever intervene (knows all this on the CAN and from 6 axis sensor).
    2) Anti-wheelie, is already built in the throttle grip and rear brake pedal. So disable from electronics forever regardless of rider mode
    3) ABS Pro if there really is a mode difference between Road and Dynamic, for all dry road modes give me one in-between.
    4) Cruise control, if I choose to use it, just work.

    set up like that I'd be happy and never need to touch it.

    By the way does anyone with a GS LC with ESA notice there is no damping at all (compression or rebound) on the front in any mode aside from 2 Helmets and Hard?
    In this set up the front works quite well, the back is a little firm but its by far the best compromise of any settings on the bike. In many ways it also provides the most compliant ride !!! as there's in a synergy front and back that is distinctly missing in any other set up.

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