Just had my GSA in for its 12000 mile service at Wollaston Northampton, not very happy with a couple of things done, or not done is probably more accurate!

At the second time of collecting I had a completely flat battery, this was late on a Saturday afternoon so again the bike had to stay with them and I was given a R1200R as a loaner for the week

The problem with the battery has been sorted, a faulty electrical component was draining the battery permanently, so component replaced and a new battery put on, and they'd supplied me with a bike

Picked the bike up yesterday and all good, the lads in the service department knew I was looking to get a new rallye jacket and when handing me my keys told me that they were giving me one for free for being messed around, I was maybe expecting a decent discount on one but to get it for nothing has really blown me away

I have a bathroom installation business and remember when I started someone said to me that we're all human and we all make mistakes, it,s how you rectify these mistakes that makes you stand out from the crowd

Well Wollaston in my opinion has shown to be a top company, top lads and thanks for the jacket

Hopefully they'll fuck up next year and I can get the trousers

Oh and by the way the R1200R, a nice bike but getting back on to my GSA was amazing on every level, sometimes you forget just what an awesome bike it is if you don't ride anything else