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Thread: Best battery for GS1150A / 2004

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    Best battery for GS1150A / 2004

    Advice please ?
    I need to replace my battery, what is the best battery to buy ?

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    There are probably a hundred threads on batteries, with everyone chipping in with their personal experiences.why bother starting a new thread.
    Do a search then make your mind up what you want….

    Personally, I'd go std oem spec

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    The cheapest that lasts the longest. Let us all know if you find it .

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    You can't really go wrong with the OEM Gel

    Although cheaper here than BMW, but search via Google and you may get it cheaper. But try the current discount code
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    Starting my 1150 after a 6-week period of non-use last winter (heavy freeze, parked outdoors), it fired up first time and within seconds. Never a hint of not starting, never a doubt that it'll start.

    Odyssey PC680.

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    My first Exide lasted just over 5 years. Came with the bike when purchased.
    Unibat just about 2years and I wouldn't recommend.
    Current motobatt €80. Still going with no issues after 4.5years.
    Yuasa acid type on the 916(€50 on sale) 4years old with no issues.
    Both bikes would be on an optimate 3days/week in the winter

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    It's not about the battery - it's ALL about how you look after it.

    My OEM battery lasted a few weeks short of 10 years. I NEVER let the battery discharge more than it needed to - eg I turned the engine off with the key so that the bike would not sit with the ignition/fuel pump/lights on - not even for a few seconds. The bike was ALWAYS hooked up to an Optimate when at home.
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    Best battery for GS1150A / 2004

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    Leads acids are damaged by disuse. Even a few days of self discharge will leave hard sulphate deposits. Eventually there is not enough soluble sulphate and the battery is scrap.
    An Optimate helps keep it fully charged but the biggest damage is disuse. So don’t forget to plug it in.
    If you use the bike in winter and need instant starting you will need a big battery. The Odyssey at 5kg has loads of reserve capacity and a high burst current. Basically it can cope with the stress of cold starts. But it will suffer just the same from disuse.
    Lithium batteries have no problem with disuse losing 10% charge in 12 months. However their internal resistance goes up when cold so a bike parked outside needs a bigger battery. The first couple of tries will warm the battery. Then it will make enough current to start the engine.
    That may be an annoying hassle but it’s balanced against the hassle of plugging in an Optimate every time the bike is not needed for a few days.
    I would say for those with a bike used regularly all year and parked outside a big fat lead acid is probably best.
    For those who do not use the bike so much then a lithium is best
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