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This is not a great idea I know but given your choices these seem limited, as you have tubed tyres there is an advantage.

What about getting some rubber and bonding a patch either side as well as glueing the split. Your wheel will be out of balance and you'd need to keep your speed down but it may atleast get you out of the predicament your in now.
Perhaps a sheet of thin HDPE or nylon in the inside wall to reinforce it bonded to the tyre wall? with gaffer tap or something over it to protect the inner tube.

Could the split even be stitched? Say by drilling small holes either side of the split and then using something like fishing line or nylon kite cord to cross the split.

Failing that can you make some mooses? perhaps fill your innertube with expanding foam or something or that tyre repair solution.
I guess that if we didn't have the van behind us I would have done something like that. I was thinking of melting some grooves through the tread and putting a load of cable ties round it, or even patching with a piece of metal and screws. Just look at the profile of the tyre in the picture though - it's out of shape already on the edge. I'm fully loaded and the roads are often really bad so I'd be taking a big risk plus I can't hold up the others

but ... something extraordinary happened instead ...