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Thread: New shark evo one 2

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    New shark evo one 2

    Hi , has anyone tried the shark evo one2 ? Like the idea of chin bar going all the way back, got a neotec at the mo, but with the chin bar up, it can act as a sail on occasions.

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    I've had a couple, as I really like them; great for riding in towns or taking it relatively easy in the summer, if you don't mind the odd fly in your face!

    The only criticism I'd make (although not a huge problem) is that they're noisier at speed on the GSA (although strangely better on a blade I also have). Still not an issue in my mind, but some don't like it.

    I've also heard that some find them a little heavy, but I can't say I've had an issue.

    XL bike show this weekend - if you're going you might be able to find a bargain!

    Good luck - Guy

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    The ultimate incarnation of the Evo-1 has all the features of the 1.2, but without the new pricetag.

    I got one in HelmetCity's sale, after trying at their stand at the NEC (£195 IIRC) and going through all the features with the Shark rep there. Even he said that the 1.2 was virtually identical to the outgoing Evo1

    Not the lightest of lids, but the abllity to wear with the chinbar secured at the back - is approved for riding, whereas most/all other flip-front lids are only rated/legal when chinbar secured forward.

    The Inner dark drop-down visor covers most of the full-face aperture, on it's own, and the previous anomaly of the chinbar scraping the visor on the way back/forward has been corrected in the Evo.1
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    I wasn't aware there was an Evo One never mind another one out for 2018 the Evo One 2; they look good.

    I have used the Shark Evoline in the 2 and 3 incarnations for years now and love them as i like the open face mode with the ability to "close up" when the weather gets
    rough and rainy; the visor is also available for use with the chin bar locked back which, for me is a clincher, other "flip" offerings don't allow that. I would guess
    my hat spends 99% of it's time like this ie. open face, visor up or down. Lack of a Pinlock system on these helmets is a downside, which is rectified on the One 2.

    As my present Evoline is quite old now I will be looking to get a hands on look/try of the One/One 2.

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    Shark made the Evoline 1,2 & 3 before the EVO1 and now the EVO1-2.
    The EVO's have the auto visor open function on both opening and closing the chin piece.
    The rest only auto open the visor on the chin open not down.
    The difference in the EVO1 1 & 2 is that the old EVO1 had an issue with the visor rubbing the shell as too close in operation but the new 2 has a new mech that gives the visor distance.
    I've had all the first 4 but the new EVO's are not as robust as the old Evoline and the chin down operation was dead easy to learn.
    Also with the new ones there are complaints it now needs two handed closing as the side pods can be flexed due to head shape. The early ones were all one handed due to the extra pod strength.

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    My Evoline works great and, like UturnTony I only use it in rally bad weather (so it rarely gets used). The inbuilt shade is great for when you ride through a lot of tunnels; I wish my old Roofs had had one fitted.
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