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Thread: Greece is the word..

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    Has it been worth it? You bet.

    Good Morning Kranj..

    Breakfast is taken with the German couple and a Flight Crew amongst others. An Austrian Airline Pilot comes to chat bikes, he doesn’t have a bike currently but his brother owns a BMW Motorrad dealership, so he tells me he’s running out of excuses.
    The German couple are also making their way south on two wheels. They’re aboard a Piaggio X9 which is parked up behind our bikes. Their destination today too is Croatia, they’re heading to Plitvice. Fifteen or so years ago I used to have a 500cc of these back at home to commute to work on and it was a good and capable bike. It would have easily toured without a problem. On inspection though it worked out this particular bike was a mere 125 beastie.. But they proudly declared it could still do what they needed, if only needing a bit of time to cool down after making way up the passes. Just goes to show you can do it on whatever you like. Good on them.

    Did I mentioned the hotel is a tad eccentric? Dad likes it.

    The boot didn’t open. I’m mildly disappointed.

    Final preparations.

    Dad’s ready and dressed. Showtime. I think his biggest concern has been comfort. He’s had some pain in his legs of late. The bigger one on his mind now though is getting on and off the bike. We had a brief dry run at home before I set off, and that was promising.

    For the comfort side of things, we have an airhawk seat in addition to a Sergeant pillon seat. There’s a cushion strapped to the top box too, so I’m hoping this is going to work out. We saddle up, and he’s gingerly on first time after a bit of effort.

    I’ve said to Brian that things will have to be a bit different over the coming days. I’ll need to stop more regularly for dad, and though usually we ride the same itinerary, (but not in nugget cluster formation, heaven forbid)¬¬ the form now will be Brian will crack on as he wishes and we’ll meet at the destination. No biggie.

    I tell dad we’ll do a brief run to get started and to get him into things. We creep gingerly out of the town and bid goodbye to Kranj and join up with the route south towards Croatia. Dad indicates he’s comfortable. Excellent. After 45 minutes or so we have a stop, and he has a slow dismount, holding on to me. I’ve been going to the gym for a number of months and working pretty hard; I’ve dropped three stone and am fitter than I’ve been for years. This I’m in no doubt has really helped.

    We find an elevated point for the restart and after some random folks clear away dad is back on pretty straight forwardly. Even more encouraging.

    The weather is pleasant without being too warm and there’s cloud around. The forecast is variable with some showers promised. I guess we find out later today.

    We’re back to the road, and I decide to add some music. I’ve got a tank bag converted to hold a large JBL speaker. This connects by Bluetooth to my phone, and there’s also a Bluetooth remote control gizmo on the handlebar which can control volume and track selection. It works really well, as well as any audio system I’ve had on any bike as it happens, and I’ve had a few. I play selections from the ‘Music to watch girls go by’, so think Sinatra, Matt Munro, Shirley Bassey etc. Dad is happily tapping along to the tunes and so at the very early stage things seem to be working out pretty well.

    We get a very good run through the pretty green landscape. Slovenia really is lovely.
    There are a few patches of road works dotted about but we use the opportunity to get to the front and then have clear road. Dad is put in charge of smoothing over our barging in at the front and seems to be doing a good job. We arrive at a quiet crossing into Croatia and there’s a miserable woman checking or passports on the Slovenia exit side. There’s no one there on the Croatian side, must be lunch time I guess, so we toddle onwards.

    As we move towards the Adriatic Coast there’s rain and some thunder. We press on for a while and decide to pit stop for coffee. It rains profusely for half an hour and the rain clears away. It’s warm and after another fifteen minutes you’d barely have known it had rained at all. I mention to dad, in a couple of days you’ll be thankful for the rain.

    We’re back on with another successful clamber from Dad, and not long after we’re making our way down the Dalmatian Coast road. There’s some traffic, but we’re moving well and move through as we need without fuss. As we work further South the traffic thins out and we have a good run to finish the day off despite a shower just outside our destination.

    Our overnight stop is the Hotel Velniac in Karlobag. I booked it this morning with Brian’s favourite app. I’ve stayed here a number of times before. If there’s a hint of familiarity with my other write ups so far, well, there is a reason for this. Firstly, I think Karlobag is lovely, the hotel, though basic, is clean, the food is good and the people have always been friendly and charming. And the final and probably most important reason is I’m happy to see places that I have previous experience of being god as I have my dad in the co-pilot seat.

    It really is a stunning place. The opposite shores are barren, which is something to do with the weather system I understand, plants won’t grow over there. It makes for great viewing.

    Brian arrives. Rain starts again but clears in the early evening, which means we can sit in the square and order the mixed grill after a visit to a bar at the back of the square where I discover Pan Crno, a dark lager which works very well.

    Plotting, routing, catching up on correspondence..

    We were not messing around with dinner you know.

    Later we have a walk, another drink and go to the Supermarket for a mooch. We buy some nuts.
    Brian gets thrown out for photographing the drinks section

    Night night

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    woodhall spa, lincs
    Great stuff.

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