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Thread: newbie.. info if possible.

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    newbie.. info if possible.

    Hi everyone after many years of being a kawasaki lover decided to get something more comfortable for touring after considering the K.T.M 1290 which is to tall and the multistrada which not to big on the looks I decided to go for the b.m.w r1200 gs lc "reduced frame model" which I bought new in 2016 thankfully I've no regrets toured Europe last June 3,200 miles in 10 days with no aching wrists or back.. Sorry about just asking this next question so soon after joining but touring again end of month and would like some advice on that sore topic of tyres I've read some of the post already posted and the PR4'S and the tourance next seem to be the most popular like the look of the tourance tyres but heard that if you have a mudsling fitted "like I do" the tyre will rub on the tourance tyre this may be the odd one or 2 this as happened to but also may be wider problem which as happened to more riders fitting tourance next tyres with the mudsling can any confirm that this is just a one or 2 off or is it a bigger problem if you have tourance next tyres fitted with a mudsling dose it rub? if I was honest I ride road only.. never bought the GS to go of road.. bought it for comfort and like the look of the GS. can't decide between the tourance next and the pr4's trail tyre so if the there is a problem with the tourance tyre with the mudsling rubbing then the pr4's trails are the answer. my gs came with anakee 3 tyres as standard got 6,000 miles on them now front is on 4 mm and still looks fine the rear is on 3.5 mm and will need to be change before my Europe trip. I reckon I could get another 3,000 mile from the front and just replace the rear with another anakee 3 which to be honest I found the anakee 3 tyres to be excellent all round tyre, also not noticed the noise that been reported but suppose that could be due to me riding loud kawasaki supersports and having a akrapovic on the GS also ride with ear plugs. but would prefer to change both tyres for the trip. just need to decide between the tourance next and the pr4's if the tourance next rub on the mudslinger then it's a no brainer pr4's it is.. unless there is another road tyre worth considering. suppose it makes good sense if I don't go off road then by a 100% road tyre. but heard the tourance next is a 90% road and 10% light gravel which may suit me better. but if the tourance next rubs on my mudslinger then that's a NO..NO. don't want to be cutting the mudslinger to make clearance the the tourance tyre.

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    Welcome to the forum beema.....

    Tyres're spoilt for choice & black boots are very subjective/personal; have a browse in the water cooled section, and do a search for tyres (you may need to book some time off work/write off a weekend with the amount of info the search will produce!!!!!)

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