As I can't see the current USA insurance issues being resolved quickly, I've been working on other trips Stateside using rentals. For those not aware, the US insurance industry aren't offering cover for European bikes in the US and Canada. We can get 3rd party only insurance from a Mexican company but comprehensive cover is not currently available.

This will change no doubt but until it does, I thought I'd put this out here to see if there is any interest before concrete plans are made for 2019. I took a couple of chaps on this route this year and it was absolutely fantastic and here is the link to the ride report!!!.

I designed it to see as much of Alaska and the Yukon as possible in a 15 day timeframe and gives plenty of time to ride some fantastic roads, explore some real back country and experience the real last frontier. The scenery up there is unbelievable and the weather generally very good at this time of year. Alaska and the Yukon are unlike anywhere else you will have been and jaw dropping doesn't really cover it.

Don't be put off by the mileage as the roads are largely empty and easy to ride. It's a road trip but there will be a couple of sections of hard packed dirt which are easy to ride and the bikes will have the correct tyres fitted. As with all my other trips, I organise all the motels etc etc so you basically turn up, collect the bike and away we go. Flights are available easily enough to and from Anchorage and you will have to bring all your kit with you.

We will have to do it on rental bikes and there will be a choice of GS's, Africa Twins, F700/800's and SV650's so should be something for everyone as a single rider or 2 up. Rental isn't perfect and not what I normally do but it worked well this year, the bikes are good and I'm happy to use this method to get everyone around this brilliant route.

I will tweak it slightly from this years trip to smooth off the rough edges but here is the basic itinerary:

Depart Anchorage Sunday 23rd June 2019 and arrive back Sunday 7th July 2019 so you can get away with 2 weeks and a couple of days off work. I could shorten it by a few days but we'd miss out on some fantastic places and it's a shame to miss them whilst we are there.

You will visit: Anchorage, Seward, Valdez, Atlin, Whitehorse, Watson Lake, Salmon Tail Glacier, Dawson City, Top of the World Highway, Chicken and Denali. Obviously there are many other brilliant places along the way and the total mileage will be around 4200 miles.

If you are interested, PM me your email address and I can send you more details.

Here are a couple of pics to wet your appetites.