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    Tomorrow we know the rest of the story.
    World debut will be Monday 9-17 20:00 central european time
    Only specs really open are if they done some chanes to the geometry of the frame,colors and if 17" cast wheels finally become a factory-option for people who chase twisty tarmac 99% of the time !?
    The count-down is running...
    As for 136 hp at 7750 rpm with a 9000 rpm red-line that tells me a 150 hp R-S and/or R-XR is coming for 2020...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsey View Post
    Really ?? More chance of exploding GS wheels/spokes than a tube popping !! Take the car to be sure if I were you !! 🤪
    Tubes are preferred if you run the risk of damaging the rim. Most spoked wheels use tubes merely because the spokes enters the rim in center of the rim, and making it leak-proof for use of tubeless tire is a challenge.

    The nasty bit with tubes are that the tire has to come off to fix a leak. However, the major drawback is the safety aspect. If you get a nail in a tubeless tire, the rubber will kling to the nail, and the leak will be very slow, giving the rider plenty of time to stop the bike in a controlled manner.
    If a nail hits a tubed tire, the tube will not kling to the nail, and it leaks much faster. And the most nasty part is that when the pressure in the tire get low, acceleration or braking may make the tire spin on the rim. This rips of the valve stem and the wheel goes empty in no time. The rider runs the risk of total loss of control of the bike before he manage to stop it.

    In my garage, two of my bikes have tubed tires. It does not worry me, but I pay much more attention to the condition of the tire and checking the air pressure frequently.

    I have experienced a puncture on a tubed tire once where the tire slipped on the rim and I was all over the road. Luckily it happened at low speed on a road with hardly any traffic.

    Sorry for the off topic…
    It will happen again

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