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Thread: Insurance quotes: accessories and mods - advice?

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    Question Insurance quotes: accessories and mods - advice?

    Following a rather hefty claim in August (my fault; lost all my NCD) I get my new (to me) R1200RS on Friday. Unsurprisingly, the insurance quotes are no joke, so I've been really shopping around trying to find a decent deal. I've obtained a load of online quotes from the usual suspects (Confused, Bikeinsurer, MoneySupermarket, GoCompare, BikeSure and Carole Nash so far!), and with most of them, it's as clear as mud what to do about accessories and modifications. I know I'll need to get on the phone eventually, but would like to whittle down my shortlist online first.

    Thing is, I'll have a bunch of extras to fit, removed from my trashed RS (it had a lot of them, which, having bought it 2nd hand I didn't actually realise were extras!); eg bar risers, crash bars, Mudsling hugger thingy, Crudcatcher, radiator guard, Fuzeblock fusepanel, DRLs, Stebel horn, auxiliary power sockets; not to mention luggage including OEM topcase and panniers (with liners); Navigator satnav, tankbag...

    I haven't resorted to phoning insurers yet, but so far the majority just ask for 'Value of motorcycle' (without specifying whether this includes any extras or not - presumably 'not'). One insurer let me add a maximum of just three extras from dropdowns before it maxed out; I picked "crashbars", "handlebar modifications", and "luggage", and was consequently quoted an extra £30 premium, but with no indication of how much extra ££ cover that got me.

    I realise there are two potentially conflicting issues here - a legal need to declare anything and everything to your insurer so they can't deny a future claim by saying that an accident was the result of my modified handlebars or tankpad; and a personal decision as to whether to ensure all my expensive add-ons are covered in the event of total loss. (I costed up my permanently fitted bits at about £1000 RRP, plus an extra £1600 for the non-fixed stuff like luggage and satnav).

    I'm guessing that the majority of BMW owners will have plenty of expensive extras fitted and it would be good to hear how others approach this...

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    Try Cornmarket.

    They insured all my modified bikes, including the value of the mods (i.e. not just pay out basic bike in event of theft/destruction)
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    I am going through a claim at the moment, hi Ageas, where it seems despite advising of every mod done, circa £8K, they've decided it only adds £1,250 to the value of the gsa. I know adding 8K to a 2K bike does not make it a 10K one but seriously, givi outback 58L with aluminium mounting plate, passenger back rest and power hub = £500 alone.

    So it looks like I'll be removing everything off it, and will be selling it on.

    As abs/asc/info/heated grips/spots/panniers are all options, then they're all getting removed. Along with decat headers and Ti akra, hyperpro suspension, hid plug and play and all the rest of the touratech bling.

    It seems there is no point listing anything because they don't give a fuck.

    I am more than a tad pissed off.

    And Footman James are a useless bunch of cnuts too.

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