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Thread: Clutch Disk With Longer Splines For R 1150

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    patras greece
    good evening!!
    some photos
    right click and open in new tab to see them

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    Quote Originally Posted by iilias1972 View Post
    Do u mean sachs clutch friction plate with long splines?
    Sorry for the late reply. I fitted the Motorworks plate with Sachs cover and PP. I am glad you changed everything: I read enough stories about uneven wear on original parts destroying new clutch discs not to change the lot on mine given how deep I was in. Also changed the rear main seal on my R1100R when I changed the clutch on that, so I pulled the flywheel and checked my RT but that was OK.

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    patras greece
    Today i start my bike! It was quiet!
    But let me present the things from the beginning...
    Sorry in advance for my English.
    I hope to help some guys.
    when disassembling the bike, i make marks on clutch parts.
    Clutch housing(flywheel) Clutch pressure plate, Clutch cover plate.
    clutch1.jpg clutch2.jpg
    After a couple of days I cleaned the parts to find the factory marks.
    then I discovered this...
    Bad assembly of the clutch parts!
    The previous owner has changed a friction disc and a diaphragm spring to an authorized shop as it appears in the service book. The parts were bmw oem parts.
    I put some red tape to show u the marks of heavy weight points.
    All the heavy weight points are too close.
    So When i was pull the clutch lever, the crankshaft with the clutch parts (exept friction disk) rotates free (without support of gearbox input shaft) and unbalanced and hit up ,down, right, left at crankshaft bearing. There is freeplay there.
    And when we have five bars(or more) temperature the oil is more light and the motor sounds Toc Toc Toc Toc Toc.
    NOTE: i have no vibrations!!!
    When the clutch is not pulled, the problem affects and the gearbox input shaft. No noise but worn at bearings. This explain that there was worn at input shaft bearings in my gearbox. No too much but there was. The input shaft bearings are smaller than the others gearbox bearings. The bearings of the other shafts have no problem.
    I take the friction disk to a machine shop. They made extension 6mm to cover all spline length of input shaft.
    I assemble the clutch parts with the right way. I take care of every heavy weight point going away from each other.
    Something like that..
    I assemble the gearbox to the engine. I assemble and the necessary parts(fuel tank, airbox, starter etc) to start the bike.
    I start the engine and wait to see five bars temperature.
    And Voilà!!! NO noises! NO toc toc toc toc! NO klang while i pull the clutch!!!
    Only a little bit of toc toc when i put my ear very very close. Probably some worn of the time the bike run with an unbalanced clutch. But i have measured the freeplay of crankshaft (its not easy) and was at the limits proposed by the bmw.
    I leave the bike on with a fan for sometime and everything looks and hears fine!
    But i looks much fine than bike!
    Next days i will assemble the bike. I will notify you for the process.

    Photos here :

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