The GS experience is aided and abetted by Innovators & Vendors – from craftsmen to corporate titans and everything in between. Today, because of the internet, we have the opportunity to enhance our experience by using one of the most powerful information tools ever imagined to share information about the vendors who help make our GSs either look better or ride better.

The main purpose of this area of the site is to ‘bring to light’ what would otherwise be unknown products of utter genius and to reveal them to UKGSers.

The Vendors Forum welcomes helpful, intelligent, insightful submissions from vendors who want to update or introduce their products to us.

You do not necessarily need to Subscribe to post in this section but it is usually looked more favourably on by other site members if you do.

This is a discussion forum where vendors who post will be expected to discuss their products and answer questions. But be warned, spamming* will not be tolerated; this is not a place for blatant advertising or to post the latest special offer that you have. It is a place to inform and discuss, not advertise and promote. I realize that the distinction can be subtle at times, but I think most people "get it" most of the time.

*For the purposes of this forum, spamming will be defined as anything the moderators consider to be spamming