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Thread: new trip video...let us know what you think?

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    new trip video...let us know what you think?

    Hi guys,

    We've just finished putting together this short video clip after collecting, begged and borrowed clips from frineds we've met on the road. We're still getting the hang of the editing software but it's fun to do.

    The clip has vid' from Morocco through to Brazil. Let us know what you think?

    One file size is 1.6MB (bit hazy in places) and the other is 16MB much better to watch if you've got the internet speed.

    ...dusty days of freedom (1.6MB)
    ...dusty days of freedom (16MB)

    Have fun, hope you enjoy.

    Simon T
    Ride Far, Ride Safe...

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    dont panic dont panic
    Nice one Simon

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    Drink Real Ale and Save the Planet

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    Excellent guys

    Next instalment please .....................

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    cumbria, the real north west
    Makes you want to tell the missus

    I am just poping down the shops, wont be long

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    so cool inspiring enthraling non of these words say it right.


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    More inspirational stuff


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    I Live In HOPE
    Nice one
    Glad to see that you are recovering after your fall. That must have been a scary time. Well done on living your dream and I hope you complete it.
    In your opinion which of the bikes is proving to be the most practical for the journey the 650 or the 1100?

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    Excellent - well done!
    By the way - what is the music called?

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    As has been said Well Done both of you very inspirational,hope the injuries are healing nicely look forward to the next instalment.

    Regd's K

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    Glad you like the video. We had fun putting it together, every scene brought back great memories.

    Eddie, regarding your question: I've got to say that we've been amazed and delighed at exactly how 'bullet proof' andwonderfully reliable the F650 has been. I'm not sure if I can say which bike is better for the whole journey, both bikes have pluses and minuses, but If I were planning to ride Africa for example, North to South then I'd have no hesitation in throwing some big tanks and firmer suspension on the F650 and heading off. The engine is so over engineered.

    Mind you, I'm in love with the 1100GS and having come this far there's no way I'd change 'Tinkerbelle' (yep, thats her name) now for the world.

    A lot about bike choice comes down to how much 'off-road' you plan on doing and how much experience/confidence you have. No matter what anyone tells you, for a journey of our size there is no perfect bike, as you're tackling so many different types of terrain. thats as clear as mud isn't it???

    If you fancy seeing any more video, we've got two others we've put together.
    You can see them at our website, here's the link to the 'video vault' page
    'Video Vault'

    Oh, yeah, the music track is 'Desert Rose', by Sting from the album 'a brand new day'.

    Take care, ride safe
    Simon T
    Ride Far, Ride Safe...

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    ...South Coast Nr Chichester
    ....great stuff yoos two..mind how ya go...

    Best Regards


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    The North East
    Damn! So many places I MUST go............

    Beautiful pictures and one of my favourite bits of music..

    PUI since 2004


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    Bad Manners

    Wow !

    respect guys..

    excellent track as well (Sting - Desert Road), sure beats the embankment on amonday morning !

    Yours Buster.

    (stick ur tonque out !)

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    Excellent, really enjoyed watching the clip

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    I thoroughly enjoyed watching those video's and your choice of music was very good ... I'll keep a watchful eye on your threads for the next awe inspiring chapter of your journey to the back end and beyond ......

    Thankyou for sharing your journey and true life experiences.

    Ride safely ....


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