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Thread: How ****ed is my 1200??

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    Unhappy How ****ed is my 1200??

    Fell off today.. bike just vanished from under me on a 35MPH bend...

    Dont sound like a huge deal... BUT... bike slid off the side of the road BELLY FIRST... took a real hard wack on the sump area... from a stone wall.. bottom of the engine casing has a small fracture now..

    Got some other minor dammage, but it's the engine casing that's worrying me... Looks like the whole crank case is only made in two sections.. split verticaly.. so dammage looks damn serious...

    Fully comp, but with a huge excess.. just recovered enough to start worrying about the bike...

    Can the casing be repaired in situ??..or is it a massive "replace only" job.... cos it's gonna damn near write the bike off if it is....

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    Sorry to hear that mate, how the hell did it happen though? Coming off if you know what you did wrong, e.g. too hot into a bend etc., is one thing, but if the bike just slid from under you that's worrying. Nothing to do with the pinch bolts coming loose was it? Sorry can't give advice on your query but hope you get it sorted ok.


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    not near to you
    OOOh dear - thats a bummer.

    Post a picture up here and i'll try and diagnose it.

    Is it ridaeable ?

    Do you know the Motorbike 'shop' in Colyton - run by Dave Massam ? Ex- rolls royce and bike racer - knows his stuff.

    Take it to him and remember me to him ( Phil Davis )

    out on station road, over the river, first houses on the left and he's in there. looks like a farm - but hes in on the left.
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    It'll probably polish-out?

    Good luck mate
    PUI since 2004


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    Get well soon m8, sorry to hear about ur bike.


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    Sorry to hear about your biff but glad you are ok.
    I saw a guy punch a whole in the crankcase after grounding out the bash plate on a berm. 20 hour rebuild in the dealers followed - don't know how much the parts were.

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    Dave C
    sorry to hear of your off.... hope youre okay....
    and if you have any decent after market parts ....quickly take em off and send em to me, n i hide em from your insurance company free of

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    Ditto on the bummer dude.
    I can understand your concern. I hope your worry isnt warranted.


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    Only sure way is to claim on insurance and get it done properly, otherwise you'll never be confident.
    That's why we take insurance.............
    Hell it might be a write-off and you'll get a new about a 1200 GS Adv instead
    Think of the positives, a new bike for the cost of the excess, cheaper than depreciation if you think of it another way

    So many roads...........So little time......

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    Total crap mate...get it into a delaer - let them sort it all out...

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    mate - unlucky....would be interested to hear if there was any diesel on the road or anything like that.

    Suggest that before dealing with insurance you get a quote for repairs.

    It might be the case that going "net" (ie not through insurance) will be cheaper given the excess, loss of NCB and likely premium hike at renewal.

    You should of course report the incident to your insurers even if no other vehicle involved and insurers should not penalise you if they havn't had any costs themselves.

    Of course it doesn't always work out that way.

    Good luck

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    Had a long close look at the bike in the cold light of day... and it's all bad news....

    1.Crank case is cracked.. visibly wide..

    2.also hit on centre stand hinge point... looks like the frames bent slightly at the L.H. footpeg as a result

    3.Both wheel rims are dented

    4.Screen, headlamp and the frame where it loops over the oil cooler are scratched.

    5.R.H wing mirror parted company and took the brake master cylinder with it for company...

    6.expected split R.H rocker cover

    7.Dents and gouges to l.h. header pipe on the exhaust

    8. other small scale chips and scuffs including the rear diff

    I think the Bike's a gonna!!

    Good news is... I never even got a bruise.. even my bike gear is unmarked.. just a bit grubby.

    Turned in to the corner and as I leaned the bike over it just kept going going gone.... no warning, no hope of recovering, couldn't say front or back wheel... just lost the lot at a very conservative, damp road cold day sort of a speed....looked at the road, but nothing obvious.. just shitty salty winter crud and a bit of shiney tarmac... thank heavens for fully comp...

    Just hoping I can get insurance next year... might be downsizing to a honda C90 or maybe a speedfight 50...

    thanx for all the contributions... see you next year one way or another.

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    Well - I had an accident in Germany this year on my 1200GS. £3K of damage to the bike. Ensign Red Star (or whatever paid up). At renewal I lost some NCB. However I went to the eBike website and despite declaring the accident and the claim amount STILL got insurance for £154.00 Fully Comp. The only thing with eBike is that they don't cover you for riding other bikes, but at that price I will live with having to arrange short term insurance via their website.

    I suppose these days a claim of £3K is small compared to most


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    Heard ebike insurance mentioned before in several places... I'll give them a try when the time comes... but seeing as I'm bikeless just now.... I'll play the insurance waiting game..

    Thanks for the info.


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    Sorry to hear about your misfortune and I hope you'll soon be back on two wheels and we'll still get to meet up.

    I'm insured with Ebike and I'm sure you'll get a really good quote with them. It's also worth noting that once you have built your NCB back up to max with Ebike it's protected for life.

    Have a good one!


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    Accidents - always a bloody PITA - only time takes the sting out. We've all been there so put it down to experience and thank your stars that you are OK. I'd drop it at a dealers, put it in the hands of the insurers and stay on their case.

    Out of curiosity - which tyres were you running?

    Dont let it spoil your xmas. Cheers,

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