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Thread: The BBC and a double doe of Malaria

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    The BBC and a double doe of Malaria


    ...bloody hell we both want to feel better!!!

    We're still desperate to ride to Ushuaia but things seem to be conspiring against us at the mo'.

    Lisa and I have both ben diagnosed with Malaria, something I hope none of you ever experience, I'd heard the horror stories and even seen Lisa suffer a few months monthsback...but holy shit I couldn't have imagined. I was admitted for 6 days to a hospital in Mendoza, Argentina, what an experience that was and a world apart from the 1st class facilities we had in Sao Paulo. No bed sheets, no loo paper, no knife and fork to eat any food supplied and family replaces nursing care...there are'nt any nurses. It took them five days to get a diagnosis and westarted med's 3 days ago. My biggest concern was that Lisa was also ill but theywould'nt treat her, no so muchwould'nt but I desperately I desperately tried to get them to undestand she had the same symptoms but they simply were'nt interested. Needless to say I was panicking about her, unattended, alone ina hotel room with me unableto even walk...fcuking scary. Well that's our gloomy news, we hope to be able to ride in another 3-4 days, right now we're to weak.

    The good news: we were in Medoza to meet up with the BBC who flew out to film us for a slot in their Points West programme 'Inside Out'. We had great fun and shot the film in the foothills of the Argentinian Andes...the area here is glorious and the riding simply breathtaking.

    If you get a chance the programme is being broadcast on Monday night the 13th Feb at 7:30pm. Hope you enjoy it, we won't get to see it for a while.

    Right off now to explode and look for sympathy

    Take care, ride safe
    Simon T
    Ride Far, Ride Safe...

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    Simon, I'm new to the site and the GS, but just want to wish you both a speedy recovery, sounds as though you have had it really rough!



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    Same here mate hope you both get better soon
    sounds like the argies need a kick up the arse. If they give you any shit
    just say " remember the falklands"

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    cheers guys,

    today is the first day that we can feel the med's kickin in, only prob is thatwe're both knackered as the med's leave you anemic (pretty sure thats spelt wrong). Going to try over the next few days to get some more diary done.

    We've noticed a pretty bif anti-american vibe,maybe the hospital thoughtwe were yanks?

    Simon T
    Ride Far, Ride Safe...

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    Simon / Lisa

    Have been reading through your posts and hearing about your experiences, sorry to hear of the bad time you are having at the moment. I too hope you both have a speedy recovery and get back to it.
    I see from your website you are heading North. There are 3 of us starting our Adventure on 19th April when we fly to New York, collect our bikes on 24th and head North up to Canada and Alaska then we head South to Central and South America.
    Hopefully our paths may cross and we can learn from your experiences over a nice cold beer.
    I will keep a check on your progress via the site and i will be in touch in the forth coming months to see about that
    Take care

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    Harps, sounds like a 'brilliant' plan, besides ice-coldbeer is medicianal.

    Have a fantastic trip and see you the Americas.

    Ride safe
    Simon T
    Ride Far, Ride Safe...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Septic
    Same here mate hope you both get better soon
    sounds like the argies need a kick up the arse. If they give you any shit
    just say " remember the falklands"

    Sorry, I don’t wont to turn this tread in a political one but….. your answer isn’t fun.
    Simon & Lisa know as and know how is the economical and social situation here in Argentina, at list they was in a hospital with out pay any money and we have a lots of bigger problems than a bed sheets or loo papers or forks and knifes. My father dead in public hospital some moths a go so I know very well the situation.
    Keep your bloody and stupid “gringo” comments for the happy hour at your usual pub.
    S & L, Sorry again. CU in a few days here.
    Javier & Sandra (the Argies)
    Buenos Aires

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    Ian B
    Saw you on TV yesterday – excellent!! The programme really gave an impression of how much fun you two are having, and also how tough it’s been at times. I thought your words summed it up nicely: “we’ve lived more in the last two years than we thought possible in a whole lifetime”. Good luck to you!

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    on the mend

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    just thought I'd add an afternote to the story of the hospital. We are now both on the mend and with any luck will be sipping ice-cld beer at 'Dakar Motos' in BA with Javier & Sandra in teh next 2-3 days.

    The info about the hospital is realy just for reference and to give you an idea of the differences between what we take for granted in the UK and other countries...hey, I've been in hospitals that make 'Hospital Central' in Mendoza look like the Ritz...don't ever get ill in Greece.

    The whole 'no' knife/fork, sheets, etc. Was a suprise to us, but only because we didn't know. As a system, here in Argentina it works...families simply take care of thier own. We can't knock it as 5 days in hospital, plus diagnosis and treatment didn't cost us a penny!!! Thank you Argentina.

    If any of you get a chance to come explore this amazing country I'll guarantee you wont be disappointed, the landscape is awsome.

    for now
    Simon T
    Ride Far, Ride Safe...

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    Hi, both from me !

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    Hi Simon, hope you and Lisa are on the meand.
    Sorry to hear about the Malaria.. I grew up in rhodesia and travelled in africa and have seen the effects first hands.. luckily for me. I was fed quiniene and anti-malaria tabs on a regular basis. My father however wasnt so lucky.. 27 years of BSAP service. He has boudts periodically. Its a crippler when a bad boudt hits, very scary.

    You may are most likly already well aware of these, so the following are really for those who arent..

    Malaria attacks, or stomach upsets
    1. Flattened-decarbonised Cococola. Drink lots.. with the fizzyness removed the liquid is very good at settling stomachs and provides you energy. HOWEVER : In warm climates or cold, remember carbonised and sweet drinks are diuretics and will dehydrate you surprisingly quickly. So drink twice as much water as you do cola..

    Why: There are a number of "seceret" chemicals in Cococola (Pepsi Aint the Same) that are not disclosed on the ingredient list. From what I have been told be people in the know in the past is, one compound is a nerve relaxent and helps settle upset stomachs very well and puts dietry tract problems right.

    2. Drink quinine tonic water, "The theorized mechanism of action for quinine and related anti-malarial drugs is that these drugs are toxic to the malaria parasite, specifically by interfering with the parasite's ability to degrade and digest hemoglobin, thus starving the parasite or causing the build-up of toxic levels of partially degraded hemoglobin in the parasite and In addition to its anti-malaria properties, quinine is an effective muscle relaxant, long used by the Quechu Indians of Peru to halt shivering brought on by cold tempetures."
    (The above copied from Anyone who has spent significant time in africa is usually wll aware of these. I still love the taste of tonic water toda

    3. Finally drink lots and lots of water! I cant stress quite how much a person with Malaria boudt can sweat. The human body operates on water. Aim to drink at least four litres a day or more if your ill. Its better to spend the time in the loo, than in a comar with rennal failure or worse.

    4. If your unlucky enough to be diagnosed with Malaria, ensure you get regular checks with your doctor, especially liver function and kindey checks.
    Malaria claims a lot of lives, directly and indirectly.

    I dont profess to be doc or health worker in any way, but I know from my own experiences the above are pretty critical when travelling in certain places in africa..

    Sad fact is Global Warming is causing the habbit liked by the Anopheles Mosquito (Caries the Malaria Parasites) is spreading.. along with Nile Fever apparently..

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    Best wishes

    Glad your on the mend, keep enjoying the trip of a life time, one that most of us wish we had the balls/time/circustances/etc to do, and please keep telling us all about it, wishing you a safe and amazing journey, kind regards Dusan

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