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Thread: Cocktail: glaciers, Ruta 40, mountains and...MALARIA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Cocktail: glaciers, Ruta 40, mountains and...MALARIA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AAHHHHHH!!!!!!...I dont want to be special?

    Well, at the mo´Lisa and I are relaxing and recovering with good friends in Bariloche (Argentina) after accepting a fantastic invitation to stay with Moira and Jackie, a couple who´d been following our webiste and just dropped us an email. `lucky´doesn´t even cover it!

    After started to feel ill the day after arriving, I became quickly worse and collapsed again (I´m just a big soft Southerner) Oh great time to visit another hospital...diagnosis MALARIA. Apparently teh strain of Malaria I was diagnosed with in Mendoza rarely returns and only bothers about 5% of those diagnosed...typical for me to be one of those 5%. I´ve just got out after three days of heavy meds, which will hopefully clear me off the Malaia parasite for good...god I don´t want this again!!!

    it´ll be 10 days or so untill I´ve got the strenght back to ride.

    OK, enough of the morbid ill stuff. We eventually got to the end of the World Ushuaia during early April, just in tme for their first heavy fall of snow and after 2-3 small spills on thethick compressed ice managed to find our way out to the National park and the end of Ruta 3. It was pretty awsome to think that only a few thousand Km to the South was Antarctic. After 2 days of constant rain it was time to head North. We were desperate to see the Perito Moreno Glacier and the Fitz Roy Mountain range, especially after all teh info from Fritz and Bev.

    There´s not alot of point in verbally trying to convey the raw beauty and size of this monsterous glacier but here´s a few photo´s
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    We´d managed to spend some time in the Torres del Paine National park, what an amazing place to be allowed to ride a bike...agin the pictures do it more justice than my Malaria ridden words...

    With only one clear morning, sorry the photos are all kinda´dark...
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    ...continued the end of April both Lisa and I were feeling the effects of all the constant cold weather riding and were feeling pretty tired but the rewards for keeping going were just to big to stop...The Fitz roy Range of Mountain at El Chalten didn´t dissapoint. Heres some piccies...

    ...shit, yeah, yeah I´ve just seen I´ve miss-spelt Fitzroy in the photo...Oh well I´m ill
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    Brilliant photos; really took me back, especially the El Chalten ones. Did you get to Lago del Desierto at the end of Ruta 23?

    Get well soon.

    Regards, Mick

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    Hi Mick,

    No not this time...we thought about it but the weather was terrible when we first arrived in El Chalten and the following day we did the walk to the Fitzroy. We were pretty lucky with a clearì´sh day of Sun and so made a move the next day...snow had been forecast. Didn´t fnacy pushing our luck as Lisa´s Chain and Sprockets had bascically had and she´d lost both her chain tensioners.

    Ended up being caught on the Ruta 40 in the snow...bloody exhuasting!!!

    ...what a fantastic area.

    Simn T
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    Thumbs up

    Just what I need to read now back and working
    You got some great conditions there though.....very....very.....VERY ! envious Still I guess at least we haven't got malaria Take care and surely that's the last of it ? If you can hang on in there for a couple of years we'll meet you....thought not.
    Anyone reading this who hasn't been to South America and fancies a trip
    DO IT Take care you two, another country, another time
    Puttin the F in Ritz...........

    6 months in South America see here :

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