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Thread: Basic Register - Your PHOTOS please

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    Thumbs up Basic Register - Your PHOTOS please

    OK guys...lets be having you put you Basic GS in this register...we'd all like to drool over them
    Remember, we are only here for a good time, not a long time !

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    I know it's childish

    But payback is sooo sweet
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    Rob you big kid you will have the mod onto ya.
    mine is basically the middle one
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    "Happy GS ing , G/S ing and StreetCarving! (colt)

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    heres fanny

    Heres one its a bit like Robs, white and blue two wheels and an engine

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    Bollox yer nosey gits
    [QUOTE=jaber]Heres one its a bit like Robs, white and blue two wheels and an engine

    NAHHH Nothing like Robs
    FFS Me and Rob don't have Airyheads with wobbly paralevers,
    I never have, and Rob saw the light
    OOO and if Rob can do it,so can I
    Revenge is sweet
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    Here's mine. Something to fall back on when me 1200 breaks down. Another plus is being able to partake the superior wit and wisdom of the air head section
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    My precious....

    This is mine, was basic.

    My precious

    It's not so 'basic' anymore....
    ( But is restored within 5 minutes ).

    Sold my R1100GS and a Kawa for it....



    BTW. how do I get a photo IN a posting ( instead of a link )?

    Here you go Stef... Cheers Kenny
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    My Kalahari/Basic. Single seat in garage.

    Just had to...... Most attractive machine Ive ever had. xx
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    Brother. Where art thou?

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    "What we get from this adventure is just sheer joy. And joy is, after all, the end of life. We do not live to eat and make money."
    - - - George Leigh Mallory

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    R80 GS 1997 Basic 26k miles

    Every time I attended a GS off road event on my 1150GS ADV I was always surprised by the surefootedness and versatility of these bikes.
    Doing my research, I kept reading that most previous owners regretted selling their R80’s and commenting that it was “the best bikes they had ever had”.
    I now join the register with pride
    1st registered owner before me in Gemany was one of the managers of the BMW factory. Bike came to UK 2 years ago, garaged with little use.
    UK registered by me last week
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    hi stephen,we met at the EM2 event.
    your Basic looks nice and shiny.fairly original apart from the tyres
    heres the view from my abode (tent)
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    "Happy GS ing , G/S ing and StreetCarving! (colt)

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    R80GS Basic Kalahari, Nov '96, imported from Germany 2001, owned by me for just over two years. Bar risers, Odyssey battery, expensive aluminium panniers, TKC80s. Did the Alps last year. Took longer than I thought. Had to stop so often for the 1150 Adventures to catch up.

    Can't post photos. Dunno if this'll work, haven't tried it before.

    No doubt there'll be several derisory comments if it doesn't.


    PS My girlfriend's 13 year old daughter has a much better source for these funny little animated icon things. Just let me know if any of you've outgrown these ones

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    Here's mine:

    Pretty much original, apart from the Gletter exhaust, carbon fibre bash plate, bar risers, low footpegs and such

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    Does this count

    Here is mine, just about to start the rebuild, this one has done a few miles and seen quite a few countries, its a 96 bike with 52 thousand miles.
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    and here is mine!

    I could not resist!
    I got mine almost new 5 years ago, definitely a bike will always hang around in my garage!
    Went to Tunisia last winter, and i wrote a story about bringing this "old lady" back to her roots!. It has been published on an italian magazine (you can download it here: - it is in italian!)

    [IMG]/Users/Gianluca/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2006/Galleria Tunisia/07_24_02_Inmoto_Tunisia_015.jpg[/IMG]

    [IMG]/Users/Gianluca/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2006/Tunisia (foto Manuel)/2007_01_Tunisia_MG_8361.jpg[/IMG]


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    and here is mine!

    Ops! I did not upload the pics!
    let's try again!


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