1. Wizards-Online

    Another oil question... But indulge me

    My local Tescos is selling Castrol Power 1 10W-40 4T SL oil for £3.12 a litre, down from £12.47. My 1150 GSA currently uses Castrol 20W-50 Activo and burns the usual amount. My questions are: 1. Would the 10W-40 be okay? 2. Will the bike burn a lot more due to the thinner consistency? 3. Given...
  2. Wizards-Online

    BRUTUS – Acronym help needed!!! Only you can help!

    We have a tradition of naming our cars with the current 2 being a Land Rover Discovery 2 called Hector – “Hope Everything Continues To Operate Reliably”, and a Mk7 Golf GTD called George, or George the Diesel to give him his full name (see what I did there) which stands for “Goes Everywhere Over...
  3. Wizards-Online

    Fit new alternator belt to 1150GSA

    My alternator belt failed so I need to fit a new one. I'm happy swinging a spanner about (nothing too complex) but I'm after some advice or tips as to how to go about it to make it as painless and trouble free as possible. I've found a couple of videos on YouTube which make it look simple...
  4. Wizards-Online

    Returning Biker - Where for best insurance premium

    Hi all, I've just purchased a 2003 GSA via this site and I now need to get the insurance sorted. I've had a full bike license for over 20 years, though have been between bikes for the last 5 years so I'm having to start bike insurance afresh. I've gone via GoCompare and have had a quote from...
  5. TomBoyNI

    Quick Question : 1200 or 1150 ?

    Hi there. I'm looking at buying another bike for some two up touring and am looking at 2 similarly priced bikes. 1. 2002 1150gs - 54k and very clean 2. 2005 1200gs - 53k and also very clean. Non abs. Any advice is absolutely appreciated. Cheers.

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