1200gs lc

  1. Nemo

    340 on a a new GS - how?

    Has anyone successfully put a 340 on the bar above the instruments? I dont want to stump up for a new Sat Nav so all help will be apprreciated. The mounting plate does not fit on the supplied blak plastic mount plus it cant be easily adapted. Help would be appreciated! Thanks.:thumb
  2. 2015 LC TE Rear Seat Plate

    On my 2008 BMW R1200GS I replaced my rear seat with a seat plate and fixed a small Pelicase to it. On the new BMW R1200GS LC TE, everything is different. I would like to refit the Pelicase as I use it for my Autocom. Can anyone recommend a rear seat plate ?
  3. obliquepanic

    wiring Road Angel BIke Trac to 2014 1200gs

    I've just bought a 2014 1200gs TE yesterday!. I want to fit the Road Angel Bike Trac that I've taken off my old 1200gsa. It needs a connection to the battery - not difficult - and a third connection to a wire that is live when the ignition is on. On the old bike I took it from the auxiliary...
  4. Fluffmeister

    Bumot Panniers - R1200GS LC

    Today my Bumot Panniers landed from Cliff at Two Wheel Trekkers / http://www.adventurebikeshop.co.uk/ First off Cliff is a great guy to deal with as many of you will know, and the service was first class. Friendly advice, and a great price with next day delivery. I had Vario's with the bike...

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