abs sensor

  1. ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ABS REMOVAL R1200 (and LED light upgrade)

    Hi there, I thought id do this little write up as I couldn't find the info my self when researching. My bike is a 2006 R1200GS with the first gen ABS unit, but should be the same for all R1200 bikes, maybe others to. Job is easy: 1. Fix the plumbing: by this I mean remove the hoses going to...
  2. JonF

    ABS cutting in too early

    I have a 2002 1150GSA with the simple non-servo ABS. Most of the time the brakes are fine, but now and again the front wheel's ABS cuts in, releasing the brake, which is allowing the bike to roll maybe another metre before the brakes cut back in. It's only ever done it at low speed, and it's...

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