aluminium panniers

  1. The Chief

    Aluminium BMW Panniers Cleaner

    Ok, so a daft question and I am probably leaving myself wide open but ..........I have just taken delivery of my spankers 1250 Adventure Rallye TE and I am not sure that my current aluminium panniers will do the bike justice. Rather than pay a fortune for a new set, are there any recommends for...
  2. Best value panniers for R1150GS

    Hey there, I've spoken to a German man who makes aluminium panniers for roughly £240 for the pair, great price! Before buying these, I'm just wondering if anyone has seen any other panniers for a similar price or even cheaper?
  3. What size Aluminium Panniers for BMW R1150 GS?

    Hey all, I'm looking at buying some aluminium panniers for my R1150GS from someone in Germany, he has 3 sizes: 32 Litre (24x49x37cm) 36 Litre (27x49x37cm) 41 Litre (29,5x49x37cm) I'm looking to use the GS every day but have some large trips planned (2 of us on the bike) like Africa and Large...

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