buying a gs

  1. tjmouse

    800 or 1200?

    So I'm planning on getting back on a bike after a couple of years being overseas and want me a gs. What I don't know is whether I should go 800 or 1200, I'll be using it for commuting and weekend fun, sometimes 2up but normally solo. I like that older 1200s are nice and affordable and the idea...
  2. tiktok

    Looking to buy an 1100GS - cheap. What issues

    Hi, I am looking to pick up a cheap 1100GS after reading an article in MSL entitled "Pick up a BMW GS for under a grand". Whilst the title is a tad misleading, it did pique my interest. I am looking for a large adventure bike that I can use to introduce me to the world of greenlaning and...

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