1. Connected App permanently trying to connect to the Cradle after I turn the bike off

    Hello I just updgraded from an F 750 GS to an R 1300 GS in April 2024. The issue I am reporting here never happened with the 750 GS but is driving me crazy with the 1300 GS. After I finish my ride and turn the bike off, the Connected App running on my Samsung S22 keeps trying to connect to...
  2. CosmicRide

    NAV V Replacement Cradle Cover

    Hello, It was only a matter of time but I've lost the cradle weather cover for my ADV LC, I've been looking for a replacement but the closest I can find so far is for the 660 As it's the weekend I've not spoken to my dealer yet so I thought I would ask on here if anyone has managed to get a...

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