engine bars

  1. Engine Bars - Can you fit ones from the R1200GS to the R1250GS ?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried fitting engine bars from the the R1200GS to the new R1250GS - Or is it a question of buying new, because the exhausts are more swept back....
  2. Fatboydel

    Heed crash bars

    Has anyone bought the Heed crash bars for the R1200GS from the Czech seller on eBay? They look quite good, but you never know.
  3. MartinS

    R1200GS LC BMW OEM Crash Bar Engine Bar (11/2013 on) torque values

    I had a bit of trouble finding this so posting here for others. This is for 11/2013 onwards 1200GS LC OEM (BMW original) crash bars, revised version (3 bolts). Front bolts upper and lower M8 - 19nm Rear lower M10 - 55nm HTH.

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