gsa 1250

  1. Newbie, GSA sale

    Hello fellow riders. I’ve only been a Gs owner for 2 years and I loved every bit of it. Unfortunatrly, I’ll have to put that on pause for a few years. (Got our first baby), need to buy anither car. I’ve been trying to sell my GS on the usual websites, autotrader, ebay, gumtree and although the...
  2. GSA and high mileage

    Can you guys help me with something please? New to GS, I’ve seen a June 2019 R1259 GSA TE for sale from Vines, a bmw dealer. It’s at 30,000 miles. Is this a consideration? Should I be looking for lower mileage? It will have 2 deals warranty. Thanks!
  3. GSA 1250 Battery Date vs 1st

    Hi, I’ve recently purchased an Ex Demo GSA 1250, with a UK first registration date of 07/21. When I was attaching some CTEK charging leads it was a surprise to find a fairly dirty looking battery (BMW rebadged Yuasa or Bosch I assume ?) with a manufacturing date code of 23/09/19. Whilst it maybe...

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