1. Bent bars and fuel lines

    Do you know if 2006 R1200GS handlebars will fit my 1150GSA? Also, what inside diameter are the fuel lines (balance pipe) and lines to/from the fuel tank. Many thanks, Jonny
  2. What advice did you get, when you purchased the billet pack on r1250gs/adventure

    I’ve got to say it looks good, but what about taking advantage of all the adjustments ? Some are easy by yourself clutch and brake levers, quickly tested and adjusted. The others, footpegs, foot brake, gear change. Handle bars. BUT What about the best or individual setting for the person...
  3. AndyScot

    R65 LS Handlebars

    Hi all, Looking for some advice . Have a 1981 R65LS, but unfortunately my good lady wife is finding it increasingly hard to use the bike as the weight on her wrists with the café style handlebars are proving too much. I need to change these for more adventure / chopper style ones. The bike...

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