1. INNOVV Powerhub 3

    Hi, I've fitted an Innovv K3 camera through an Innovv Powerhub 3. Seems to work perfectly apart from approx. 1 in 10 times it does't switch off. I posi tapped the yellow trigger wire into the red and blue 7.5amp wire under the seat. I'm at a loss why it works fine the majority of the time but...
  2. Chalky723

    Innovv K2 Lens Protector 3D Printed.

    Hi All, I was a bit surprised you can't buy a protector for the (no doubt) expensive to replace camera that's right in "Stone Chip Alley", so did a bit of Googling. Someone made one with some heatshrink & a glass watch lens. I knocked up one on my 3D printer if anyone else has one & needs a...
  3. innovv k2 & Denali cansmart - K2 not powering up

    Hi, sorry for starting a new thread on this subject but couldn't find what I wanted to know on the previous similar threads. I have a 2014 1200GS LC. I am trying to fit an Innovv K2 (front and back camera) system to my bike through a Denali Cansmart Gen 1 system. The camera worked when I...

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