1. Bike security on the NC500

    I'm planning a 4 day trip around the area in September and I was wondering what the consensus was on locking bikes up over night? I've travelled Europe many times and never lock my bike up, but I've seen it being mentioned on a few posts here. I may have to buy a LiteLok or something to take...
  2. RSavage

    Re-keying locks

    Found this page with information on how to re-key pannier locks: http://motorcycleinfo.co.uk/indexb8f1.html?fa=contentGeneric.tvjgzrvwgqsvkwoe&pageId=6220542 Hope it's of use.

    I've just fitted the panniers and top box to my GSA TE and when trying to lock them to the frames you have to excerpt quite some force to get the locks to turn enough to lock and remove the key, you feel like you are going to snap the key. Are they all like that And will they ease up with use...

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