navigator iv

  1. Garmin Navigator IV

    I have a Garmin Nav IV which I inherited with the bike I bought 18 months ago. I've never up-dated it an it was boxed and virtually unused since the original purchaser bought it in 2012. I have been to the Garmin site and from what I can see there is no way of updating it - is this right or...
  2. Snowman

    NAV IV Wiring query

    Guys .. looking for divine guidance or confirmation I'm going down the right route before I blow my Nav IV by wiring incorrectly. I've got another mount to use on an Non BMW bike so no sexy simple accessory plug to connect to. I'm hoping that from the 2 connectors that come off it I can ignore...
  3. Trip Logs - Navigator IV

    Hey Guys, Have a question regarding the Navigator IV, for some reason after a 6 day trip to Italy I realised that the device was not keeping all the tracks / logs but only the last 2-3 days, it seemed to overwrite the logs. The device memory is far from full and also has a 32Gb SD card with the...

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