1. sik1961

    Non-Adventure Aluminium Panniers

    Hi Folks, I'm just about to take delivery of a 2013 1200GS (not an Adventure). I will be doing the Scotland NC500 again in June. I want to know if you can fit the BMW Aluminium Panniers to a non-Adventure 1200GS? I know I'll need frames - do the Adventure fit the non Adventure models? Any...
  2. 10 years with an oil head. Considering the LC

    After 10 years on trusty 'Bertie', my 2010 RTW R1200GSA, it now has 98,200 miles on it; time to px it for something newer. Seriously considering a 2018 GSA TE in Triple Black (Triple Black because I just love the look). How reliable are they proving to be folks? I'm finding it difficult to get...
  3. The Chief

    Aluminium BMW Panniers Cleaner

    Ok, so a daft question and I am probably leaving myself wide open but ..........I have just taken delivery of my spankers 1250 Adventure Rallye TE and I am not sure that my current aluminium panniers will do the bike justice. Rather than pay a fortune for a new set, are there any recommends for...
  4. Vario Panniers? Too cumbersome?

    Guys and girls, need your expert thoughts please.... I have a GS Rallye, and off to touring to France in a few weeks. I've never had panniers before attached to a bike but went ahead a purchased the Vario panniers and top box from my mate as it as a great deal and thought it would a great...
  5. Vario panniers for R1200GS LC (2013-2016) - ideal if planning on touring this year !!

    Hi. I have a practically brand new set of Vario panniers. Used only 2 or 3 times for day spins - just to hold helmets/camera etc. I paid €650 for them only a few months ago but will consider offers around €500. Guaranteed unmarked and look brand new. So no silly offers please..... :thumb...
  6. Best value panniers for R1150GS

    Hey there, I've spoken to a German man who makes aluminium panniers for roughly £240 for the pair, great price! Before buying these, I'm just wondering if anyone has seen any other panniers for a similar price or even cheaper?
  7. What size Aluminium Panniers for BMW R1150 GS?

    Hey all, I'm looking at buying some aluminium panniers for my R1150GS from someone in Germany, he has 3 sizes: 32 Litre (24x49x37cm) 36 Litre (27x49x37cm) 41 Litre (29,5x49x37cm) I'm looking to use the GS every day but have some large trips planned (2 of us on the bike) like Africa and Large...
  8. TomBoyNI

    Key Coding BMW Panniers?

    Basically is it difficult? I am looking at getting some new panniers and the options seem to be £500 for a set of BMW Panniers with coded locks and 2 keys, or £550 for uncoded locks that you code to your own key. So is it difficult to code the keys or is it just as handy to have them coded...
  9. Fluffmeister

    Bumot Panniers - R1200GS LC

    Today my Bumot Panniers landed from Cliff at Two Wheel Trekkers / First off Cliff is a great guy to deal with as many of you will know, and the service was first class. Friendly advice, and a great price with next day delivery. I had Vario's with the bike...

    I've just fitted the panniers and top box to my GSA TE and when trying to lock them to the frames you have to excerpt quite some force to get the locks to turn enough to lock and remove the key, you feel like you are going to snap the key. Are they all like that And will they ease up with use...
  11. tiktok

    Panniers - query

    I am looking to purchase a set of panniers at some point in the next few months and I wanted to gather some opinions. Currently, I am torn between buying used 1200GS panniers (several sets on ebay) and fabricating some racks or buying a complete set (new or used). My questions are: 1. Has...
  12. Weird pannier question

    Guys, What do you call the bolt than the panniers lock on to? The one which sits to the side of the pillion seat. The actual mechanism which keeps the panniers on locks on to this bolt. I've lost mine, and I've no idea what I should be searching the internet for. Thanks!
  13. LOWER SEAT, Luggage

    Hi Guys n Girls, For sale Genuine Bmw Lower seat for F650 gs Twin, excellent condition - £120 plus postage Givi 46l top box AND all fittings/ plate etc £170 plus postage i also have bark busters hand guards in good condition. If any interest fir me an email cheers

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