1. First Post lockdown ride in West Wales- R Ninet Scrambler

    Hiya, I have seen a number of GSs and Ninets during the ride but I cannot see the proper place to put this video as the RNinet does not show in the The Bikes tab....
  2. 1st trip in West Wales after lockdown, and first posting!

    Back on the saddle, at last! + 2 riders on one GS1250 but did not manage to catch up with them! Dan
  3. Pembrokeshire - places to stay (biker friendly)

    Me and the breadknife are off on random ride on Saturday to Pembrokeshire (from Devon) and staying over somewhere (not bothering booking anywhere in advance). If anyone can recommend a good route through wales (not M4) to Pembrokeshire and where to stay the night which is biker friendly it...

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