1. Shoei PFS (Personal Fitting Service) - Coming Soon.

    Hi @everyone I'm not sure if many of you have heard of this yet, but Shoei are currently expanding something they're doing in mainland Europe. They call it Shoei P.F.S (Personal fitting system) Whilst we currently offer free swapping of padding over in Shoei motorcycle helmets to make sure you...
  2. Shoei Hornet Adventure

    I am considering a multitude of helmets and one of them is the Shoei Helmet Adventure. I have tried it on in the shop and it was very comfortable however I was wondering if anyone has or has owned the helmet and any pros and cons. Also does anyone know if the peak catches at motorway speeds. Thanks
  3. Bluetooth speakers for Shoei-X Spirit 2

    Can anyone recommend a Bluetooth speaker set for a Shoei-X Spirit 2 helmet? There don't appear to be any std cut outs in the helmet for speakers so I guess I would have to either install very flat speakers or make an indent of sorts. Any recommendations?

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