super tenere

  1. Banzai600

    Clutch Casing Protection - an observation

    Was looking at the tracer at a bike show recently... this struck me, the small cover / protector on the clutch casing. It kinda sits where your boot toe area could rub up against the clutch casing the odd time on the S10. Handy if someone could make one. ( just a thought ).
  2. Banzai600

    Off Roading on the Super Tenere - what bruising to expect ?

    I reckon im gonna give this a go soon enough. Been saying for ages I will but aint got around to it. So my question being, WHEN the bike falls over, not if, let say mucky trail ( hopefully no rocks ) where should i expect damage / scratches ? I thinking the swingarm anway, possible engine cases...
  3. Banzai600

    Posible Upgrade from 2012 Super Tenere to current 2014 Super Tenere

    Kind of thinking aloud here..... I was acutally going to downgrade ( CB500x or MT09 tracer ) as I havent really gotten the use out of my S10 apart from commuting ( daily ). I was kind of feeling its a little bit of overkill for my particular useage. The v odd photo rally and a trip to...

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