1. Used 2013 GS checklist

    Hi all, Having ridden and loved both a street triple and a CBR600RR, I have decided I am in the market for a GS. I am currently looking at a 2013 R1200GS with about 48000 miles on the clock from a dealer. Could anybody suggest a checklist of sorts to take with me before a test-ride? Thanks in...
  2. Opinios please GS1200 2005 69000 miles

    lI want to buy a GS1200 but with my budget all i can get is 2005 with around 60000, I've seen a couple and they look good and very well taken care. My question is how many miles can i expect from a GS1200 ? Thanks in advance. Bruno

    Hello everyone, Sadly my 2014 G650GS is with the insurance company right now and they have written it off as “uneconomical repair non-structural damage” 90% of the bike is fine it’s just the clocks and dash that took a hit. My question is... Is there interest in used pasts? If so i’ll buy...
  4. spooon

    F800GS - pre vs post 2013

    Hello there. [Apologies in advance if this has been discussed before; a quick search on the forum hasn't turned up anything] After having been riding my SV650 (first bike) for a couple of years and getting a bad back/arms/neck/hands after circa 30 mins, I've been thinking (quite a lot) about...

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