1. Shaft Vibration

    New to this forum, so hi there. Need a bit of help. Sorry this is a bit long winded but thought I would get in all the steps that I've taken already. After a chance conversation with a fellow GS rider he mentioned the horror stories of rusty drive shafts. Like many others, I had no idea about...
  2. vibration @ 4500rpm

    Hello all Im hoping for a bit of experience here and a bit of problem solving, I have had a bad vibration on my 2011 r1200 gsa with 36k kms, its all over the bike and DEFINITELY the engine thats causing this vibration, it started after I loaned my throttle position sensor to my friend but...
  3. 1200gs 2015 model vibration

    I am experiecing vibration starting over 4000 revs on my new gs1200 LC. Mileage is now 3500 miles so after giving the bike time settle in and no change I am taking it back to the dealer. Has any other person had the same problem?
  4. Vibration (don't think its tires ?)

    Hello. Please could I seek your advice. I'm a really, really new to motorbikes, first time ever on a motorbike this year, passed test in July and for the last 2 months have been riding my new BMW F800GS (63 plate). So far clocked up over 2,500 miles, it's fantastic wish I had gotten into...

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