1100 exhaust

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Feb 13, 2003
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Anyone got a picture of an unfitted 'S' piece that joins the downpipes to the silencer ?
I was thinking of making one. Any ideas ?
It all depends on whats on there at the moment.I think all the production stuff is pretty crap,so I don't blame you for trying to make one yourself.A photo won't do you much good,the best thing to do is bolt the silencer where you want it,and then make the connecting tube from scratch,that way,you'll end up with a perfect fit.If you get one tube the right diameter bent 180 degrees on a 200mm radius,you'll have enough there to make a couple of pigs ears of it before you make a good un.Easy innit.
I've got access to tube benders and welders so it would be fairly easy to knock up a simple bent 's' pipe section with a weld-in o2 sensor boss.
Any ideas what the diameter should be for the pipework ?
I'm also fairly sure thay any LHS end-can would be ok - but what dia entrance hole - 50mm ??
i notice motrax are selling LHS hayabusa cans in Titanium for £99.

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