1100 throttle cables


I have a late model 1100, that has the 3 part (junction) throttle cable.

Can anybody tell what the recommended service life is for this set up? Is the main cable more likely to fail than the 2 shorties? Which, if any, would you recommend carrying as a spare on a trip?

the two shorter ones are the ones that frey,normally around where you adjust on the throttle bodies as this exposed to all the grit and shite.Keep it clean as you can around there,take your cables off the back of the throttle just by pulling the little spring clip back that holds the nipple in place you don't have to touch the adjusting knobs so you won't upset anything and just make sure the channels the cables run in are clean,you should do this when you adjust throttle bodies anyway as you be surprised what gets stuck in there stones etc.Cable replacement is a big job to take on at the side off the road!!I would consider replacing them before any BIG trip.Andy

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