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I'm thinking of getting a GS. I've seen a 99 1100 - one owner - FSH - serviced by the BM dealer who sold it originally (and is offering it now) - 34,000 miles. Also seen a German import - 2001 1150 - know nothing about it's history - 19,000 miles - a bit rougher around the edges. BUT it's an 1150 and it's done less miles. I know you can't possibly make an informed suggestion without seeing them but my heart goes for 1100 but my head says 1150 and fewer miles. Any observations? Anything I should be aware of in a 34,000 mile GS?


I have a 1100GS, 32,000 miles, it's the dogs boll**ks,
The 1150 I had, gave me neck problems, so bought my 1100 back, she's now almost 7 years old, and other than a new clutch, she ran like a dream.

The cleaner bike is the way, and the 1100 was made better.

Here is an interesting idea.
Since it is well known that the 1100 is the better quality machine, and in my opinion only lacks a sixth gear, hows about buying the gearbox, rear subframe and paralever from the 1150 and bolting them on.
The perfect combination.
In my opinion it doesn't lack a sixth gear, no, it just doesn't have a sixth gear. That's a big difference. I never wish for one. On the highway you're always up there in the powerband instead of having to shift a gear down to get some proper accelleration.

Why would I need 6 gears on a big, twin-cylinder motorcycle with nearly 100 Nm's of torque? Seen any CBR600s with an 8-gear transmission lately? ;) I'm afraid buying the gearbox, swingarm, rear end drive, rear subframe and paralever from the 1150 will cost you about an arm and a leg.

About the only thing (in my opinion that is) that makes an 1150 more attractive than an 1100 is the beak. And that can be fixed:



B-beak by B-art.
Disagree, nowt wrong with the beak, but the lights are crap...

Still this is still true on the 1150, I have 90000 KM on mine still going nicely ta very much (touch wood)

The only 1150 worth going for IMHO is the ADV it is seriously good looking...

Also I always thought that five was enough; but fifth could of been a bit higher
Just buy the cleanest, most looked after bike you can within your budget.
1100's are - i think - slightly more reliable and slightly better made.
The lights are better - but more dated - as is the beak.
Seats are the same, tanks are the same.wheels are the same
Switchgear is of a newer design on the 1150 but not 'better'
If youre going to do a LOT of m'way miles then an 1150 has a more suitable top gear - otherwise an 1100 is better for 90% of the time.
An1150 screen causes more buffeting but gives more protection in std form than an 1100 - but the 1100 looks better.

A 34k 1100 in better condition than a tatty 1150 import ?

1100 every time

( 1150 box wont fit to an 1100. )

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