1100GS running problem


I have just fitted a remus exhaust to my bike and the left hand cylinder is running much hotter than the right one.Is this normal or might the new pipe be affecting it?
Tony, this might sound like a silly question but how do you know it's hotter :confused:

well,the downpipe from the left hand side gets really hot before the right hand side.I dont know if this has always been the case but Ive only just noticed it

had some thing similiar happen to my GS1100 a while ago.

In my case the throttle cable leading to the right hand side cylinder had become jammed in the throttle distributor unit. Because of this the bike computer managed brain overcompensated and hence ran the left cylinder at a higher rate and of course it got hotter. All because of a jammed cable.

Hope this helps
Simon T:beerjug:
One cylinder always run hotter than the other because its big end is goin up on the power stroke while the others is going down, plus one cylinder leads the other slightly. The engine is therefore slightly out of balance, and one pipe colours before the other. This is partly why people say the V twin is the perfect engine as its profile is flatter (single throw crank) and the timing etc. is more balanced.

However, to really notice, I'd think you had a throttle balance problem as well. If you really want to see this, get a URAL. They only run on the left cylinder half the time, the left cylinders air flow is ruined by the sidecar frame, its set back on the crank and the left cylinder is the harder working of the pair in any case. The exhaust pipe glows a nice cherry red as a result :D


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